A few years ago, I sat in my neighbor’s driveway and chatted while the kids played. My next door neighbor was there as well. It was just an ordinary afternoon.

The one woman’s husband was deployed to Iraq. My next door neighbor’s husband was TDY to Iraq. Bill was safely in Virginia (but Interstate 95/395 can be brutal, you know).

A strange car pulled into the driveway my next door neighbor and I shared. Inside were several people in Class A uniforms (not the ones from my previous post, but a more formal uniform…like what someone might wear on “official business”).

We all stopped breathing and waited.

Then the car backed out of the driveway and went back the way it had come.

We all exhaled.

“They’re for someone else,” one woman said. We went back to our ordinary talk.

I can’t imagine the additional stress a military wife has when her husband is in a combat zone. Bill was in Afghanistan for two days. I didn’t have enough time to get worried. When he deployed, it was on a peacekeeping mission to Kosovo. I had all the stress of single-parenting, but I didn’t have the daily worry about his physical well-being.

Jennie is worried about her husband. She’s been at it alone for nearly 11 months now. Her baby, a newborn infant when David left, is now a toddler. She needs our prayers. David needs our prayers. My family prays daily for “all the military people away from home,” but we’ll be adding an “especially for Sgt. C” until he’s safe in the arms of his beloved.

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  1. Oh, thank you, Michelle.

  2. Amen. We are praying for him and Jennie as well.

  3. You made me cry!Praying

  4. I will keep them in my prayers!

  5. I always remember that scene from “We Were Soldier’s Once” where the man comes to her door – to ask directions – and she screams at him to never to that to her again!We’ll pray too.

  6. Milehimama – I only saw the second half of that movie – Thank goodness. I didn’t as much of an emotional connection with the characters.The scene I most remember is at the end when she sees the taxi outside and looks up at her kids in pajamas at the top of the stairs. She tells them to go to bed, and they complain, so she nervously bangs on the rail and yells at them to go.to.bed. She goes to the door expecting the worse, and it’s her husband.

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