More old photos

Upon seeing my posted picture yesterday, my husband said, “I can’t believe I dated a girl with glasses like that!” I retorted, “I can’t believe I dated a dork.”

“A dork?” he said. “Look at me! I’m dashing!”

I married this man because he always keeps me laughing.

In today’s box, I found this photo dated 1989 or 1990. This is his college dorm room (my dorm room was never this messy). Nice computer, huh? That Green Bay metal trash can is still in our possession – we use it for wooden blocks. Also notice the empty Dr. Pepper glass bottle six-pack.
And definitely check out the glasses he’s wearing. He didn’t even need glasses back then (they are reading glasses, and he needs them now). I think we both weighed about 120 lbs in this photo. It was years before I fattened him up enough that I consistently (every day) weighed less than he did. In fact, I still have about 7 pounds on him right now (oh, but just you wait, boy). The boy has no shoulders!

But that’s okay. He was dashing to a young 18 year old.

I dig older men now.

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