So, I’ve been feeling pathetically sorry for myself. I have had the comments closed for four weeks, but opened it for one post and got ONE comment (thank you, Regina, You da bomb). Nobody loves me, I moaned, but to myself, because it was just too ridiculous to verbalize.

And then I stopped by Sarah‘s blog, and she informed me that the Catholic Blog Awards are open for voting. So I went there and found I had been nominated for four categories.


Yes, that’s me swallowing the pride that lay at the root of my self-pity.

Thank you, to whichever kind souls think so highly of me as to nominate me for Best Individual, Best Written, Funniest, and Smartest Blog. The competition is tough (in fact, Sarah shares her two nominations with me), but I feel all warm and gooey inside just knowing that somebody (or somebodies) appreciates my blog.

So, go on now, and vote. It’s your Catholic blog reader’s right, duty and responsibility!

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