Shopping with kids

On Saturday, Katie and Jenny were moaning because there were no little girls around to play with. I needed to go to the grocery store, so I invited them along, and the proposition did cheer them. Of course, I took the baby, too. But by the time we headed for the door, Peter was up from his nap with shoes on and coat in hand. He has a sixth sense.

“I want go too.” Nevermind that he has no idea where we’re going.

“Use this time wisely,” I scolded my husband wondering why I was taking four little children to the grocery store on the busiest shopping day of the week.

It wasn’t too bad. Mary didn’t get fussy until the very end, and Katie was very helpful in putting the items on the belt for the checkout.

But I could tell I’ve grown weak from lack of doing such an exercise in quite a while. I bought kid yogurts AND drinkable yogurts AND a big container of pretzel rods AND a bag of generic fruit loops. Believe it or not, I said no to twice as many things.

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