How do I love thee?

Billy’s assignment: write one special thing about Fritz, something he loves about him.

Answer: He is my Jedi Master.

I don’t know which boy wrote this one, but they each had to write one way to show God you love Him.

Answer: If you love God, you should let girls go first.

Harken, young ladies. Chivalry is not dead.

3 thoughts on “How do I love thee?

  1. Several years ago on a day when all the kids were home, they were busy getting on each other’s nerves. They were three teens and an elementary schooler. I had reached my limit of sibling bickering. I sent them each to their rooms and told them they were to write a note to each of their siblings listing five things they admired about this sibling. They were then to give the note to the sibling. A couple of months ago when big brothers were home from college the kids were talking about this exercise. My youngest still has these notes. It was priceless to him to find out that the big brothers and sister whom he worshiped actually admired things about him.

  2. I just read an article that had four women answering questions about what they excepted guys to do in certain situations. The concensus was the chilvary is creepy a lot of times. I was so sad for these women.

  3. I know some young men who are going to make great husbands. 😉

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