It’s tax time…

…do you know where your new baby’s social security number is?

Bill asked me for Mary’s social security number a few days ago, and I insisted we had not received it yet…at least not that I could remember. I looked in the one spot where all our important documents are kept – all birth certificates in one folder, all sacramental records in another folder, passports in this envelope, social security cards in that envelope: Bill’s, mine, Fritz’s, Billy’s, Katie’s, Jenny’s, Peter’s, no Mary.

It’s the exact same thing every year at this time. I have a piling system, although this past year I’ve been much better. Moving half-way through the year forced me to do actual filing at a time when I don’t usually. Wanting to have organized files and needing copies of certain documents ensured that all files were tidy and up-to-date. I even, proudly, stayed on top of the piles/files those first few months after the move, and in fact have only one pile now because I am not using the same desk I did last year.

Nevertheless, since the baby’s birth, a “small” pile had grown (less than 12″ high). Needing that social security number prompted my usual tax time filing frenzy.

Sure enough, there I found her number. And now it’s in the proper envelope, right behind Peter’s.

4 thoughts on “It’s tax time…

  1. We keep a large envelope per person in a fire safe in the closet. All important documents are filed by person, and can easily be grabbed if one should need to fill out any forms requiring documentation of existence, as one never knows which document any particular organization will require. And for added ease, full names, birth dates and social security numbers are written on the top corner of the envelope. Oh, and did I mention they are all in a fire safe? Once one has burned down her mother in law’s house, one does not take lightly the threat of having to replace these things, especially when the children have been born all over the world. 🙂 And did I mention that they are in the closet? One might have noticed that fire did not readily pass through closed doors.

  2. Although, one caveat to the whole “fire safe” thing: my husband was told that fire safes do work insofar as they will not melt; however, if they are in a blaze, the safe can still become so hot inside that the paper in it can catch fire. The person suggested a bank safe for the papers.

  3. I was looking for the new baby’s SSN this time last year, only to discover that we hadn’t actually requested it when we filed her birth certificate like we thought we had. Once we actually applied it arrived quickly.

  4. My Mary’s social security card got thrown away because my husband does not understand my “after-baby” filing system. The one where everything gets put aside and it takes 3 weeks to balance the checkbook. I had to go down to the social security office and get another one for her.Glad you found it! The social security office smells.

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