Would you care for a (slightly used) nut?

Peter likes M&Ms (who doesn’t?).

Peter likes plain M&Ms.

Peter does not like peanut M&Ms.

We only happen to have peanut M&Ms in the house right now. {My husband, who is addicted to M&Ms, switched to peanut from plain several years ago out of health reasons: nuts being a source of protein.}

If the M&Ms are left within his reach, Peter will eat them. The plain part. The peanut part he’ll put back for someone else to eat.

3 thoughts on “Would you care for a (slightly used) nut?

  1. But Michelle, that makes perfect sense to me to make the most of one’s resources! And to be thrifty and share with others…well it takes YEARS for most children to develop such skills! 🙂 Carol

  2. You know, for health reasons, you should really only eat the brown ones. they have less artificial coloring since chocolate is brown anyway.

  3. Oh that is just wrong!! LOLAnd for health reasons he should go back to the plain, because then Peter would eat more and he would eat less…. no? LOL

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