In my dreams

I’m not in need of any pajamas, but last night, in my dreams, I went shopping for a nightgown.

I do not own any nightgowns. I haven’t owned nightgowns since I was a little girl.

I was specifically looking at the flannel kind with high necks and ruffled trims.

And if that’s not pathetic enough, I opted not to buy any because they weren’t breast-feeding friendly (no easy access).

These are the nightmares dreams of a middle-aged mother of six little kids.

6 thoughts on “In my dreams

  1. Ha ha! Love it, Michelle.

  2. Okay, so what does it mean if, in a weird sort of way, I like those fannel, puffy collared nightgowns? LOL! And, they must be breastfeeding friendly! I wonder if they really make those….

  3. Thanks, Barb. Bill thanks you too. he was wondering how to morally limit our family size.And now, I’m haunted…

  4. My mother made me an exact replica of the gown in your dream, boy was it warm and cozy. Perhaps you are just cold? Throw another blanket on the bed and you might have dreams about tropical beaches or running a 10K! I love nightgowns in the summer, but winter? Flannel pjs, very unflattering, but warm.

  5. Oh been there done that! lol

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