Adventures in Sledding

After Mass last Sunday, a parishioner asked my kids if they had been sledding. They assured him they had. Had they been on Suicide Hill? he asked. No, just the hills in our neighborhood.

My kids wanted to know where Suicide Hill was. It’s near The Prison, but there is more than one around here, and we passed The Other One on Tuesday morning. They wanted to know if the hills over there were Suicide Hill. I explained it was the wrong prison and then asked if they knew what suicide meant. Really fast? guessed Fritz. I defined suicide and explained how that applied to a sledding hill. I then got to hear the boys evaluate every hill we passed for its suicide factor.

Katie didn’t quite get the vocabulary lesson, and later was talking about sledding on Shoe Size Hill. Is that narrow or medium width?

The last few days have brought warmer temps. The kids asked to go sledding yesterday, and I warned them they might not be able to do so. They persisted and were off. Jenny was the first to return, crying, covered from head to toe in mud. I got a towel on the floor before she came in, but then, like a wet dog, she shook her hands and wet mud splattered all over the walls and floor. No photos, just damage control.
Katie came home next, but Bill was ready for her.
And the boys, being boys, had to be ordered home.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Sledding

  1. Too funny! I especially love the vocab lesson in the car. I was pondering recently on the amount and variety of real learning that happens in the car….

  2. How fun! Did every kid who lived in snow climates have a “suicide hill”? WE DID! It was AWESOME! Our other, favorite hill was “7up”. I wonder who named it that? It was LONG before my time, and it really did have seven bumps (at least). It was also dangerous because if you went to the right, you would get trees and burrs up your…and if you went to your left, you would go down a dangerous (but not life threatening) gulch formed from an old creek runoff. I got some of the best gasping butt crunches of my life on that hill (you know, where you land so hard you can’t catch your breath and then you want to cry but then you want to do it again?)! Ahhh, no sledding for me this year. I’ll miss it.

  3. How funny! And, not so much with all the mud everywhere. Ugh! Luckily, none of my kids want to sledding unless Dad is with them since they are all pretty young still. I guess I have some fun times ahead of me when they get older. The pictures are too cute. πŸ™‚

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