The Numbers – Part II

0 – Christmas cards I’ve addressed (I’m trying to be consistent).

1 – Lucid story I want to type up before Christmas (lucidity being a tall order when one can only type in dribs and drabs throughout the 24 hour “workday”).

2 – Hour of the morning that the baby has soiled her diaper four mornings in a row (praise God in all things and at all hours).

3 – Times I was outbid on eBay for a mobile for the baby’s crib before I finally got one at a reasonable price.

4 – Baked goods recipes I mixed up while the baby took a marathon 3 1/2 hour nap (only one actually got baked, but at least the dough is done).

5 – Packages Bill got to the Post Office yesterday.

6 – Packages left to be sent.

7 – Days until Christmas (I have a lot of wrapping to do)!

2 thoughts on “The Numbers – Part II

  1. Hey, that’s a GREAT one about the blow out diapers. Good one Mary! LOL! You’re doing a great job considering everything you’ve got going on. 🙂

  2. (I have a lot of wrapping to do)Me too! What am I doing blogging?

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