The Numbers

0 – Christmas cards I’ve addressed (also happens to be the same number of Christmas cards I have in my possession)

1 – Birthday party to attend before Christmas

2 – Days the local schools were closed due to the recent ice storm

3 – Times I warmed my coffee in the microwave before managing to finish it today

4 – Children snooping around boxes, bags, computer screens, lists, closets, and basements

5 – Markers/colored pencils the dog chewed up today (not my problem)

6 – Stinky diapers the baby had today (this is good, I am not complaining)

7 – Tins of Christmas cheer that need to be mailed

8 – People in this house getting less sleep than they should be

9 – Times I reminded the children that the faster they do their schoolwork, the sooner they can go out to play

10 – Wet mittens/gloves littering the floor near my front door

11 – Items left to be purchased

12 – Days until Christmas (are you ready?)

7 thoughts on “The Numbers

  1. <>12 – Days until Christmas (are you ready?)<>Oh now that is just mean! Why did you have to do that? I am totally with you on #0.

  2. i’m only slightly ahead of you in that i’ve addressed a few christmas cards. i cannot wait to have it done and off my plate!

  3. I never do Christmas cards. Last year I actually managed to buy some, but I blame my failure to send them out on Leaflet Missal for sending me the wrong ones. I mean, I wasn’t even Catholic yet; how could I send out a card talking about the Holy Infant and His Blessed Mother? Sheesh…Ugh. I am soooo not ready for Christmas…

  4. Great list!I’m right at 0 with you on the cards. Sigh.

  5. Inspired by your 0, I mailed 33 cards today. Then I ran out of envelopes. But yours is in the mail. šŸ™‚

  6. I laughed out loud at number three. I’ve had days like that. And no, I’m not ready for Christmas. I did, however, mail my Christmas cards out yesterday (*ducks and runs for cover*)šŸ™‚

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