7 Things

Kristina wants to know 7 things about me…things not generally known.

That’s tough. I’ll blab about everything. I’ve been blabbing here for quite some time too. But I’ll try.

1. My middle name is Anna-Marie. Not Anne-Marie. Not Anna-Maria. And not Anna Marie. DO NOT forget that hyphen.

2. I do not prefer apricots or peaches. Not to eat. Not as a lotion scent or a body fragrance.

3. I have hitchhiker’s thumbs.

4. I drink my coffee with quite a bit of milk, but no sugar.

5. My favorite “for-pay” job I ever had was as a cook for migrant farm workers one summer. It was a cherry farm. I didn’t make much money, but I got to cook lunch and dinner for 20 or 30 men.

6. I have a fear of drowning. I have an even bigger fear of my children drowning.

7. I do not like biology.

I must go to bed, so I won’t do any tagging. Play along if you have the time!

2 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. What a pretty middle name, and I am like you, I do not like stone fruits to eat, as a scent, in pies, and certainly not as a candy flavor.Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  2. I must say, you approach your fear of your children drowning much more rationally than my grandmother did. She lost a child to drowning, so she kept my father away from the water as much as possible. Now, as an adult, he’s afraid of drowning, doesn’t know how to swim, and avoids boats and the water as much as he possibly can. I remember being shocked that he got on the airboat with us to go through a small portion of the Everglades…until I found out that the water’s only about two feet deep there. Then it made sense. :-pYou, on the other hand, make your kids take swimming lessons. That seems like it would improve their chances of not drowning. 🙂I will play along on my blog this weekend – this one looks fun!

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