First Sunday of Advent

I totally respect businesses that remain closed on Sundays. And I really would be scandalized if a religious goods store were open on Sundays. But…I do wish they should make an exception on the First Sunday of Advent. It would be nice if they’d open for a little bit – perhaps one hour. One well-publicized hour.

I never ever begin the First Sunday of Advent with candles.

And yes, when I go to the store tomorrow, I will buy two sets so I won’t be in this bind next year (of course, Murphy’s Law reminds me that the sole object lost in our upcoming move next year will be the Advent candles).

On another note, this first Sunday of the new Church year has already provided me with a challenge. Today in Mass I sat in front of two women – active members – who chatted with themselves and their children throughout the entire Mass, including the Consecration. I almost lost it when one tried to engage me in conversation during the post-Communion hymn. I am hardly the most pious person in the pews, and my own children’s behavior ensures that transcendent meditation will never be accomplished by anyone within 20 feet of our group, but I don’t need other adults thwarting my own feeble attempts to pray.

I’m not a confrontational person. I won’t be pulling them aside and telling them how disrespectful they were – they know better anyway. Instead, like St. Therese of Lisieux, it is for me to just deal with it, patiently, lovingly.

10 thoughts on “First Sunday of Advent

  1. There’s a dad who brings his two oldish kids to chuch and they chit-chat through the whole mass. Drives me crazy. We’ve moved to a new and larger chapel, and they’ve been sitting elsewhere, but I was chagrinned to find them, when I took my seat after the procession, parked right behind MY kids. Ugh. I’m hoping he was just trying to be helpful, as they were unsupervised for about half an hour while I fulfilled my lectoring duties. It’s hard to teach the children to be quiet and respectful at church when adults who should know better can’t manage it.

  2. We used to be members of a parish where the Youth Group would hold an Advent Candle Sale on Christ the King Sunday and the First Sunday of Advent. That was a really successful event!

  3. Ha! As I read this, I am procrastinating about going out in the cold. WHY do I need to run to Michael’s? To buy Advent candles, of course.

  4. I think Barb’s youth group fundraiser sounds wonderful.May you have a blessed Advent.

  5. I have some relatives who are like this…I despise going to church with them because they seem to think it’s social hour. I’ve been so bold as to shush them each time they try and chat with me. It doesn’t really stop them for long though, as they need constant reminding. I totally empathize with you. Good luck with the candles…we pulled the half melted down ones from last year out of the box from the unopened Christmas box just today. They still got a few good lights in them.

  6. I have my third wreath in three years . . . for various reasons the other two were disasters. This new one is the Irish pewter and lovley, but the candles that came with it smell like used gym socks!! Hence, it’s place in the garage until I can make it to Michael’s to get new ones. If I can’t find a set, I’ll use the right coloured ribbons around the bottom (if I can find all white). The point is to pray and get ready, but I can I burn stinky candles?!? Ha ha ha.

  7. Oh, I can soooo relate! I went to 3 different stores on Saturday afternoon looking for Advent candles with no success- the religious goods store with a sign saying they had them closed at noon! I went to AC Moore today and found votive candles, they will just have to do.

  8. (Surfed here from your brilliant comment on Santa at Danielle Bean – wonderful blog!)On Sunday we had 3 purple and one WHITE candle from K-Mart in our Advent wreath! (Guess Martha Stewart doesn’t like pink candles.)I’m going to suggest the Advent Candle sale for a Faith Formation fundraiser next year!

  9. I know what you mean about those candles! They sometimes “melt” in the attic with the Christmas things, or you can’t find them in time for the first Sunday of Advent or at any store! I just found some at Hallmark just in time!God bless,Donna

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