Congress to hold off on Iraq war money

And they wonder why service members and their dependants tend to vote Republican.

First, they fire civilian contractors. This means more work for soldiers who have to pick up the slack (because they can’t fire the soldiers). Then they start shuffling money from different accounts to pay for things like soldier’s pay and bullets and food.

So even though they’re in the middle of repaving that road down the street from me, they take the money away, and the road sits, unpaved, waiting for funds.

And then swimming classes for my kids get canceled because they have no money to pay the instructors.

And then it takes a week or more for my leaky hot water heater to be fixed because they had to fire half the maintenance staff.

And then I have to wait three hours to get a prescription filled because there are fewer workers there.

Then they cut back hours on the grocery store, the PX and the Class VI.

And if things get really bad, they won’t pay the soldiers. They won’t fire them, no, they’ll have to work on the promise of getting their money eventually. And they’ll have no choice because it’s illegal for them to not work. And they will get their money, eventually, but in the meantime, the grocery store, the PX and the Class VI won’t provide you with your essentials on the promise of future payment. And if you happen to live off post, your landlord or your mortgage lender won’t be too happy if you tell them that you’re waiting for Congress to pay you.

So Congress doesn’t end the war early, save anyone’s life, or even ruffle any feathers in the executive branch at all. They’ll say they support the troops and that they’re doing this for them.

I guess you hurt most the ones you love.

8 thoughts on “Grrrr…..

  1. My best friend has a brother in the army. And it was from her that I first learned the idiocy of Congress’ depleting the war fund.Everyone needs to read this, Michelle.

  2. Do you really think they can afford to NOT pay the soldiers? I mean, they are all armed, and dangerous, and in my experience, only superficially civilized. I think they’d turn in a heartbeat.

  3. And it doesn’t stop there. I used to work for a metals company that employed 5 people and sold to the DoD. There was some kind of budget crisis once, we didn’t get paid for MONTHS but had already shipped material. We had to pay our suppliers which meant that the boss/owner went without a paycheck for a couple of months. Once the dominoes start falling…

  4. Great blog, Michelle! You really ought to send this to Harry Read, that idiot Murtha, & other 2-faced critters. You write so well!Love,Mom R.

  5. What bugs me is that war costs aren’t in the annual budget, so we have to have these reauthorization bills come up all the time. Where’s the wisdom in that?

  6. Great post, Michelle! I can’t wait to share it with my “superficially civilized” husband. 😉

  7. I understand your frustrations; I am an Army wife with a husband serving his second year-long tour in Iraq. I would like to remind everyone that we wouldn’t be in this funding mess right now if a Republican President, his cabinet and Republican lapdog congress had not put us in Iraq in the first place.

  8. Okay, I am going to try to refrain from starting a war on your blog, Michelle.Kate,I am not going to argue the merits of the war in Iraq with you, here. However, I do have a question for you. Do you want your husband to not have bullets, food, the support personel that will help keep him safe while he is in Iraq? Without this bill, he may not get the support that he needs. That will put him in even more danger. Oh, I know that the military will try to cut all spending in other areas, first, just as Michelle pointed out. However, that means that the soldiers are having to worry about their families at home and whether or not things are getting done that need to get done for the support of the war–at home, instead of worrying about the things he needs to be thinking about.And, since we’re talking about the whole pay thing, I was in the military during the Clinton years. There were several years there when in December they were saying that we weren’t going to get paid because the budget hadn’t been approved. We weren’t even at war, then.

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