The cake

It’s not the prettiest, but he did it himself (with some assistance). I especially like the red candies where the hands/feet/head were.

No, I did not ask him what he meant when he said he wanted it to look like God. Then he might have gotten his hopes up that I would be willing to alter the design.

No, I was not going to argue that if it looked like a Host it would look like God. He was getting a cross. Period. Such is the downside to having a sacrament or a birthday or some other special event when Mom’s priority is a new baby.

3 thoughts on “The cake

  1. First, congrats on the First Communion to your son.Secondly, I see you say you are married to the military. If your husband is in fact in the military please give him a heartfelt thanks and happy Veteran’s Day! Thanks also to your family for their sacrifice. May God Bless you all for that sacrifice and may He continue to keep your husband safe!Regina

  2. I think it’s beautiful!

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