I’m no Michelangelo

Billy was disappointed to learn that I, his uncreative and temporarily overwhelmed mother, was planning to use the same cross-shaped cake mold I used for Mary’s Baptismal cake for his First Holy Communion cake tomorrow.

“But I wanted it to look like God,” he wailed.


6 thoughts on “I’m no Michelangelo

  1. That’s too funny. Did you ask him to draw you a sketch of what he had in mind? 🙂

  2. LOL — too funny!

  3. Well, since it’s a First Communion cake, and the Host does truly become Jesus, then a ROUND CAKE would be the way to go! Bet you’ve got plenty of round cake pans too! Jesus=God=fully present in the Host…works for me!

  4. A God-shaped cake? No pressure or anything, huh?

  5. Wow. Pint-sized blasphemy. 🙂I like Barb’s suggestion, myself…

  6. Barb beat me to the suggestion. Make round cakes (1 layer or 2) frost them white and use a toothpick to “carve” in a cross in the middle. It will look just like the Host. If you want the cross to stand out more, pipe it on in yellow (gold) frosting.

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