Perhaps blondes have more fun, but they get no respect

I was born blonde, but my hair is now a light-to-medium brown with natural highlights if I spend a lot of time in the sun.

My husband, though, apparently thinks that I’m still very blonde. Now, honestly, I’m a smart cookie, and my husband is a top admirer of my mental acuity. I will admit to having “blonde moments” wherein I suddenly forget how to read a map, or where I put the car keys, or the difference between a manatee and a cockatoo, but I think these times are fairly rare. There is no reason for anyone to expect me to not follow along in a conversation and understand what is being said.

So, in September, when Bill felt the need to define the acronym IPA, I was a little insulted. But then yesterday he was telling me a story about a sniper and blah blah blah blah. I’m really not going to repeat this story. I was listening, but this is not the type of story that civilians (including ME) really want to hear about, but since I’m married to an Army guy, I get to hear all the time. Suffice it to say that it includes DEATH in a violent manner. C’est la guerre.

OK. So, guns are involved, and my husband mentions that the sight wasn’t zeroed. He then explains that this means that what the shooter would see in the sight is not where the bullet would actually go.

Really? Wow. Learn something new every day.

At least some anonymous internet quiz thinks I’m a genius.

I think I’ll go back to coloring my hair. I may as well look the part. I’m just surprised he lets me educate his kids!

P.S. No offense meant to any smart blondies out there.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps blondes have more fun, but they get no respect

  1. Babes, I don’t think it’s your hair color. I’m giving Bill the benefit of the doubt that it’s because you’re a chick! I imagine he would have explained that to any brunette, red head, or half gray/half medium golden brown chick out there.Bill, zeroed on a rifle, is like zeroed on the bathroom scale. We get it. :o) Love your blog.

  2. I am brunette and my husband says the same types of things. I agree with Barbara — it is probably just a chick thing.

  3. Yeah… I was getting all “Who does she think she is!” with this post until I saw the link. Phew-that was a close one Michelle~HA!

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