Trick or treat

How was your Halloween?

Feel a bit prehistoric?

Catch any bad guys?

Discover your twin was really a sister instead of a brother named Luke?

Chase any Jedi Knights around the Death Star?

Eat a little too much candy?

Note: all costumes are homemade…the Clone Trooper is made from poster board. He looked great – my husband did a fantastic job.

12 thoughts on “Trick or treat

  1. The costumes are great! But I have to say I was so extatic to see fallen leaves…it’s how fall should look. I’m starting to think the whole world is like my desert over here…there really are season’s elsewhere. Happy Halloween!

  2. Wow, what amazing costumes! After reading your last line I had to do a double take to make sure you weren’t kidding. What talent. Very, very well done. Happy All Hallows Eve, Michelle!

  3. Poor, little dinosaur!

  4. Great pictures. Great costumes. But, I am so sad for too much candy. Poor little guy. Life’s lessons!

  5. I agree–those costumes ARE great. Happy All Hallows’ Eve (belatedly) to you & yours, Michelle! And a blessed Feast of All the Saints, as well.

  6. My husband and I laughed out loud at your picture-perfect rendition of Halloween!!Very clever.And very impressive… those costumes were awesome!🙂

  7. Wonderful costumes!! I’m showing my kids that it can be done and done well!! I must say that I had a chuckle with your dino at the refuse bowl. Ugh. Poor lad. I’ve gotten my adult self all sick on candy before so I do feel for this guy!! Happy Feast of All Saints today!

  8. Great costumes! We had a Princess Leia, too, as well as Luke, Darth Vader, Padme and Yoda.

  9. Awesome costumes! Your poor guy, I hope he feels better.

  10. Ooohh. Uuug. Poor little guy.

  11. Great costumes and POOR LITTLE GUY at the end. I don’t wish hugging the toilet on anyone.

  12. Wow, those costumes were great. I loved the storm trooper.

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