For the grandparents…

…and other friends and family…

…a smile…

…and because I think unshaven men wearing flannel
and holding newborns are irresistibly attractive…

6 thoughts on “For the grandparents…

  1. Beautiful! Love her smile.

  2. The SMILE! To DIE for! She looks like all the other kids when she’s smiling! So cute and such personality already!

  3. She’s so adorable! I LOVE that smile! And, the last photo is very sweet!

  4. You know… that whole “thinking men are attractive” thing? That is what will get you another one of those tiny little humans who hold our heart and make us feel all mushy inside. Consider yourself warned!

  5. Yeah, Cris is right! That is where it all starts! LOL LOL LOL I have a question. Bill’s haircut looks like a Marine’s “white walls.” Mr. Km calls it “high and tight.” Now I thought Mary Therese’s papa was Army!!!????

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful baby.

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