A watched pot…

…will eventually boil.

Right now, the water’s getting hot. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, I’ll be having that baby.

Prayers are appreciated.

Oooo, isn’t this exciting?

21 thoughts on “A watched pot…

  1. Extra prayers for you as you set about birthin’ that baby! (Can you tell we’ve been watching GWTW around here?)I do mean it when I say that you’ve got my prayers. Take it easy and don’t go scrubbing the kitchen floor or doing 32 loads of laundry or vacuuming under all the kids’ beds or whatever crazy, nesting thing is tempting you right now.Take it easy. Say some Hail Marys. Pack your things (I’m sure they ARE already) and have fun. Ha.

  2. How exciting! You and little one definitely have the prayers!

  3. How wonderful!!! Looking at Denis for a boy’s name? 😉I will be praying for you, baby, and the whole Delivery Team!

  4. Ooooh, yes it is!!!!Please keep us posted, and you will be in my prayers, all. the. time.Yay!🙂

  5. Hoping I’m not too late… you will be in our prayers!

  6. OH….yes, it’ very exciting!!! Prayers indeed!!! Can’t wait to hear the news!!!

  7. I’m very excited for you! (I even got a little teary eyed when I read your post, yes I am sappy!) I am keeping you and your little one in my prayers. God bless you.

  8. What!?! You’re PREGNANT?!? Isn’t this your tenth or something? Jeez, lady, didn’t mom and dad tell you to “Just say no” once in a while?Barb- the sisterBwahahahahaha!

  9. Our Prayers are with you! Love Kelly and gang

  10. I’m excited!!!!!!! My prayers for an easy labor!

  11. When I went in to have Mary Claire I said to my husband “I am going to do what Michelle does and refuse to leave this hospital without a baby in my arms!” It worked! Here’s hoping you have a baby in your arms real soon! Now the fun starts eh?

  12. You are in my prayers – hope you don’t have any back labor. Beth

  13. OOOOoooo…I can’t wait for the news!! I’ll be praying for you, dear pregnant one.

  14. May you have short labor, kind nurses, proud relatives, quiet visitors, and a healthy baby. May your guardian angels watch over you both. And may your husband get on the computer and let us know how it went!

  15. I will most definitely be praying! Prayers for you, your new baby, your husband, and all your children! God bless you all!

  16. My goodness, is it mid-October already?*looks at clock*Fancy that. Prayers going your way…

  17. Can’t wait to hear. Will it be pink, or blue?

  18. Oh my goodness! How did I miss this yesterday?! Hope I’m not to late in wishing you the very best for a safe and speedy delivery! Many prayers for you and your little one are being said right now!I can’t wait to hear the news!!!

  19. Waiting, waiting….Praying, praying…

  20. Lots of prayers for you and baby!Best of luck!

  21. Am I the only one obsessively checking this page today? Prayers for you and for baby, Michelle!

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