Week 7

I am so glad we’ve made it to Friday. This week was a killer.

Last Wednesday, Fritz was sick with a bad cold and did no school. On Thursday and Friday, he was still sick, but managed to do some school. On Monday morning, we had to go to the doctor for Billy. The bottom line was that he was behind, way behind. Even omitting subjects or exercises that can be skipped – for example, I love the Explode the Code books and each of the kids is working their way through one of them – we (mainly Fritz and I) were doing school until after 3 pm all week long.

I know it seems like we should be able to back off a bit. We’re on Week Seven – that seems so far ahead to anyone who didn’t begin school until after Labor Day. But I’m having a baby soon, and we’re taking a break. And I’m moving next June, so the school year has a definite end.

And although I’m pretty relaxed about most of life, my children’s education is one thing that I’m really, really uptight about. I don’t like to skip things. I don’t like to rush through things. I don’t like to leave assignments incomplete. It’s one thing to not finish a handwriting book and quite another to not finish math. I still feel a certain amount of guilt about having not finished reading the book on Clara Barton that we began at the end of last school year; my only consolation being that I’ll be able to read it with Billy next year (and then with Katie, and then with Jenny, and then with Peter…). Fritz will hear her story, will likely read her story to a younger sibling, more than once.

I know I need to not worry so much. When I hear my kids humming classical music or discussing theology among themselves or quizzing each other on math or geography – for fun – I know they’re getting a good, solid education. I just wish they had the same motivational drive to check off all those little blocks on their weekly assignment sheets as I do.

4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Sorry mama, they probably never will. Kids just don’t get javascript:void(0)uptight about stuff like that!!

  2. Ahh, we’re in somewhat of the same boat.My daughter just didn’t “get” p. 18 of her math book (how an addition table works). We’ve done exercise after exercise on the board and I think she’s finally getting it… but it put us three days behind because I thought she’d cruise through that one!

  3. I totally emphasize…it is so hard to relax when you feel like you’ve not met the educational goals. This week we missed a lot of time too, and it’s been little consolation that the reason was a far away doc’s appointment followed up by a day in bed from fever. But I tried to console myself that even in public school we would have missed those days as well…and tried to enjoy the lul from a day in bed.

  4. You and I are cut from the same cloth on this one. I am super uptight when it comes to checking things off on that list!!My kids… not so much.I’m trying to be realistic and laid back, yet firm on the main subjects. For my own sanity, I need to know we are progressing.TGIF!!🙂

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