The landscaping around this house was pathetic when we got here in July, and things like weeds don’t just go away.

But in July, we were unpacking.

And August was oppressively hot.

Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I have decided that it’s time to deal with the mess. It’s either now, when I’m in my last month of pregnancy, or next month, when I have a newborn who needs constant attention. Or we just let the weeds grow.

It’s amazing how much physical discomfort I am willing to endure out of pride. This past weekend, I weeded, I planted daffodil bulbs, I planted a few low-growing green and white leaved bushy things, and I mulched. And I swept the sidewalks. And I got clover and grass out from between patio block cracks.

I’m about 2/3 done. I need more mulch. And more daffodils.

And Bill? He hauled the bags of mulch and then got out of the way of the crazy pregnant lady. Somebody has to have a brain around here.

3 thoughts on “Nesting?

  1. Did he at least give you a backrub after you’d finished?

  2. Oh MAN! You are nesting like nuts! Good, that means you don’t have long to go. You’d better pack your bag! Hey, did you decide to go to the hospital with a midwife? Or did you decide to stay home? Just curious!

  3. LOLOLOLOLMy landscaping looked awesome up until we FINALLY got rain. And the nesting urge just isn’t strong enough to overcome the lazy-blogging-reading urges that seem to win.every.time. But then, I don’t WANT the baby just yet…too much remodeling to finish…

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