Reese’s Induction

Hmmm…thought I’d heard of and tried every trick in the book, but I guess I missed the chapter on Induction by Peanut Butter Cups.

Although I ache, I’m not yet desperate. Nor am I ready for the baby. I’ve got too many things to do first (like wash baby clothes, get the bassinet out of the basement, rearrange all the car seats in the van). And things like that just don’t work if a baby is really unripe.

However, that weekend before the baby is due is looking like a really bad time to have a baby. It’s a big scouting weekend with lots of daytime activities plus camp outs both Friday and Saturday nights. Bill and the boys will be local, but I’d hate to have to drag them out of sleeping bags in the middle of the night to come home. And I really don’t want Bill to miss another birth needlessly.

I met a woman last weekend with an infant. She was induced, but didn’t want her husband sitting around the hospital room and staring at her. So, instead, she sent him off to school, and he called every hour between classes to see how she was doing. Once she dilated to 3 cm, she took off and got to 10 cm in 20 minutes. He called toward the end of this, and she told him not to hurry because he was going to miss it anyway.

This is so wrong.

First of all, if I have to spend a whole day in a hospital room bored out of my skull waiting for a baby to come, a baby he helped create, the least my husband can do is keep me company making the time pass a bit faster.

Secondly, unless there is a really good reason, like being deployed 3000 miles away, my husband should be able to be present at his child’s birth. This is his kid too. And I’m his wife. What if something went wrong? Who would be my advocate? Who would be my comfort? And if all goes well, should he not be an active participant in the joy of that birth?

Lastly, I actually like my husband and enjoy spending time with him. Katie was induced. We spent the day in the hospital together. Since she wasn’t born until early evening, it was probably one of the longest stretches of non-sleeping, non-interrupted-by-kids time we had had together in the three years since we had become parents. In fact, I doubt we’ve had that kind of time together since.

I don’t want the boys to miss their scouting activities, but I’d rather that than have Bill miss the baby’s birth. So maybe that week before, I’ll have to chow down on some peanut butter cups. It certainly wouldn’t hurt!

6 thoughts on “Reese’s Induction

  1. I don’t know. I ate a lot of peanut butter cups waiting for Penelope, and we all know how that turned out! 🙂 Maybe I ate them too slowly, though. Self control and all that.

  2. Hum, I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds better than Castor Oil.Dh missed our first birth (in the days before cell phones) but was there for our second one.Good luck!

  3. Yeah, but that’s the week before you’re due…don’t worry about it. Have your babies ever been early before?

  4. I’ll eat some peanut butter cups for you that weekend too…hmm, maybe I should start now… 😉

  5. My husband was at all births except the crash team c-section! i reckon he could deliver & cut the cord of any baby having 9 experiences! God bless..

  6. Hmmm. I’m still thinking on this one. I suppose peanut butter cups are more comfortable than some of the other choices. You know what I mean.

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