Four Years Ago Today

Happy birthday to you.

You live in a zoo.

You look like a beauty.

And you smile like one too.

The kids have all been singing a different version. Bill told them that the lyrics were so old that he sang them when he was a kid. I suggested that Grandpa sang them when HE was a kid.

Jenny asked whose birthday was next. “The new baby’s,” I answered. The kids practiced a stanza of their happy birthday song intimating that they would sing it to the new baby next month. “Would it be nice to call the new baby a monkey?” I asked. “But what if it DOES look like a monkey?” asked Fritz. And when I think of my wrinkly newborns who take a few weeks to plump up, it just might be that they do look a bit like a monkey. But we aren’t going to tell them that.

7 thoughts on “Four Years Ago Today

  1. Happy birthday! David says newborns look like aliens. I tell him to go pick on somebody else’s baby.

  2. I say they (or at lease MINE) usually bear some resemblance to reptiles.…And I DO tell them!:) They sure plump and get cute in no time–so no harm done! Hey, humility is a good thing, right?

  3. Monkeys are “in” right now, and very cute.And you may have noticed when you visited, but Little Brother is known around here as “Monkey.” He answers to it, too. Yes, he was always a climber and very active. The Curious George stuffed animal he got as a “new baby” gift was quite appropriate!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! Many Years!

  5. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  6. What a sweet pea! Happy birthday darlin’!

  7. Happy Birthday you beautiful, big, four-year-old! Four is my favorite. I wish I could freeze four for a couple of years! Five is good too, but there’s nothing like four!

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