Party time and alcohol loving neighbors

Bill and I went to a grown up party last night. It was a German-food themed progressive party: appetizers at the house across the street, a sit-down dinner next door, and dessert at another neighbor’s house. It was nice not to have little people constantly interrupting me with their pressing needs.

Of course, my two youngest children are doing everything possible to convince me that I should never do anything like that again. Both were up multiple times last night in utter misery. Pete spent two hours in my bed fussing and fidgeting before I put him back in his room where he screamed for a good five minutes before returning to sleep. Jenny is on the floor right now in tears because she doesn’t know where her backpack is. Going to bed at 10 pm is never a good thing.

And, unfortunately, there is only one convenient Mass around here. Today would be a good day to go in shifts.

Perhaps the nicest thing about this party last night was discovering that I have a good number of neighbors who like to drink. In military communities, you usually find a good chunk of people like that, but you also find an unhealthy dose of teetotalers. They are generally good, Christian folk who are most likely to be seen heading for church on Sunday morning.

Of course, my family has the appearance of being good, Christian folk and we can be seen heading for church on Sunday mornings, too. And we homeschool to boot. I’m quite certain that many neighbors over the years have confused us with these non-drinking types. “No, no,” I want to say, “We’re Catholic! We use real wine at our church!”

Generally, actions speak louder than words, but with an 8 month old gestational baby along with me, I was drinking water. Fun, fun. Full responsibility for showcasing our drinking philosophy fell on Bill’s shoulders. I think he did a good job. I was left to pathetically insist that I really do like alcohol, honest, do I have to tell you some drinking stories? in an effort to not look like Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes. Geez, you’d think I was nineteen again.

We’re having our Oktoberfest party in two weeks. The German beer is always a big hit, but I think the various schnapps and Jägermeister shots do much to demonstrate to our new friends that, among the church-going crowd, Catholics have the best parties. I’m not sure the boys have lederhosen that fit, my dirndl doesn’t have a maternity cut, and I fear this apron wouldn’t get here in time from Germany, so some of our usual ambiance will be lacking. Hopefully our decorations and the German food will make up for lack of decent clothing.

Just before I left the party last night to come home and let the poor teenaged babysitter go to his own bed to sleep, I was explaining to one neighbor that having a party a week or two before giving birth was no big deal. This is our fourth Oktoberfest, and we’ve got it down to a science, I think. Plus, having a party with an infant is much more difficult. She insisted that she thought I was pretty crazy for such an endeavor. As I walked away, I told her that Bill and I do everything we can to prove to the world that we are, in fact, the craziest neighbors they will ever know.

And now I need to go deal with three children who are in lousy moods from lack of sleep and get everyone out the door for Mass. We Catholics can’t let a little thing like a late-night party get in the way of giving glory to God.

4 thoughts on “Party time and alcohol loving neighbors

  1. i’m afraid i’m a Pioneer..tee-total..never had an alcoholic drink..but don’t think i’m boring! i’m Catholic too! God bless..

  2. I don’t drink, but David very much enjoys his beer. One Monday morning, before I’d gotten to the weekend cleanup, a neighbor came over for a chat. Her daughter was a frequent playmate of our girls, and her mom left her at our house to play for a while. As I said goodbye, I turned back to the living room, and suddenly I noticed that there were beer cans, many, many beer cans, on every flat surface in the room! I still wonder what she thought of us after that, and why on earth she left her daughter behind!

  3. The CEO’s of Guinness, Budweiser, and Coors were at a convention and went out to dinner together at the end of the day. The guy from Budweiser ordered an MGD, the guy from Coors ordered a Coors, and the guy from Guinness ordered a Coke. The latter withstood a certain amount of ribbing, and finally said, “Well, I just figured that if you guys aren’t going to drink, I won’t, either.” Be proud. Be Catholic. Know your wine. Know your beer. (All in moderation!) Just look at the Wedding at Caana…Jesus took 20-30 gallon vats and filled them with wine! What does THAT say about the ability of Catholics to have a good time? Oh, and check out this blog:

  4. When we were growing up, I thought beer was something you only drank when you were making pretzels. Once I met Butch, I realized that it was that junk you drank at parties to get smashed. Now that I’m all growed up, I KNOW that it’s BOTH! I am SO craving some good beer right now. I think I crave it worse when I’m preggers because I can’t have as much as I want. Only a small glass. I love how when I’m nursing, the advice about drinking (from the old Germans in the family) is, “Ach, Yah! The beer is good for making the milk!”.

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