Renaissance Festival

Because my blog is my default photo album of family life, here are some pics from the Renaissance Festival we went to on Saturday.

Sir Thomas and Sir Christopher face each other in a joust.
Billy and Katie ride a camel.
King William VIII.
Jenny and Billy on a Merry-Go-Round…or is it a carousel?
When we pulled into our parking space, Fritz wanted to know why there were so many telephone poles. Bill explained that it was a telephone pole farm. It always amuses me when I hear my own dad’s words come out of his mouth.

After walking around this festival for about three hours, we decided we weren’t tired enough and dragged the kids to a Greek Festival. Bill got in line for gyros while I got in line for baklava. It was crowded and tables were scarce, so we ate on the road. It took all my self control to avoid the gift shop at the church. Beautiful icons…and a nativity set like I’ve not seen before… Sometimes having grumpy children who don’t like ethnic food is a blessing in disguise (at least to my wallet).

I am still very sore from all that walking around. But I hear there’s a Polish festival this coming weekend…mmmmm…pierogies….

6 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival

  1. I’ve never been to a telephone pole farm. Is it pick your own?

  2. Yeah, the hard part is getting it home.

  3. Gotta have the pierogis!Our church is holding a Fall Festival with the famous “Polish Kitchen” next month. Can’t wait! But Greek sounds so good too….

  4. Have to brag…I can get excellent Greek OR Polish food any time I want. Never let it be said Detroit has nothing to offer! We have Greektown AND Hamtramck! Mmmm…For some reason, though, it’s hard to find good Italian without crossing the river into Windsor. But once you do that, you can also get excellent Vietnamese…

  5. Perogies????? YUM! I wish we had Polish festivals in our neck of the woods!Looks yummy. I’d have chosen the baklava line too!

  6. I wish we had more festivals like that around here. Tomorrow we’re having a Highland Games, but for that I go for the spectacle of men in kilts throwing impossibly heavy things over impossibly high bars, and tossing what amount to telephone poles. Not the food. Not that I’ve tried the food in previous years. I’m half afraid someone might try to sneak some haggis into something without telling me. :pNow, find me a really good Cornish pasty somewhere, and I’m there. 🙂

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