Can you ring them all up separately?

Apparently, my children don’t understand the concept of buying in bulk. This is the sign for their pretend pet store I found:

4 Orphan Puppies for Sale
1 puppy is $1.00
2 puppies is $5.00
3 puppies is $10.00
4 puppies is $50.00

Sure the subject/verb agreement is off, but at least “puppies” is spelled correctly. Their English teacher is only half bad. It’s the economics teacher who needs to be fired.

3 thoughts on “Can you ring them all up separately?

  1. You know, bigger is not always cheaper, as I have found from shopping at Sam’s. Maybe they’re just SHREWD!

  2. They seem to understand that they would like more money.

  3. Maybe some of those puppies are pure bred orphans? Perhaps your children are intellectually mature enough to understand the concept of paying a premium for pure bloodlines? Teasing! 🙂

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