The Absurdity of Religion

Father Jonathan takes on Bill Maher in this article.

If Christianity really taught that the man in the jungle who has never heard the name of Jesus is going to be damned forever to hell, I, too, would doubt.


If Christianity really taught that God created cancer, child abusers and earthquakes to torture his own children, I, too, would doubt.

Go, Father J!

5 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Religion

  1. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed that article, because a great many people have “inherited” misconceptions about Christianity, and because it was written in an extremely friendly style. A great many of us get all riled up when faced with ignorant prejudice.

  2. I echo Jennie C.: thanks for the link! Great article!

  3. Thanks for the tip. That was good reading.

  4. There is something going on with this topic lately. Good post.

  5. Someone needs to tell the Padre that you can’t prove a negative. He writes “nobody has proven the Bible is NOT inspired”. He can’t prove the Koran or any other religious book is NOT inspired. The burden of proof is NOT on the negative, it’s on the positive. He is the one making the claim that the bible IS inspired, the burden of proof is on him. This fallacy is called “Shifting the Burden of Proof” which is what he is doing. If I made the claim that “I can fly by flapping my arms”, would it be your responsibility to prove I CAN’T fly? He also makes the claim that “2,000 years of continual belief should be given some weight”. The length of time something has been believed has nothing to do with whether it is true or not. This fallacy argument is called “Fallacy of Tradition”. For how many thousands of years did people have a “continued belief” that the world was flat? Was the world actually flat at that time? Astrology pre-dates the bible and it has had a continued belief, so according to his argument, some “weight” should be given to Astrology. I wonder if he checks his horoscope every day. And when Galileo proved that the earth goes around the sun, who were the ones that tried to suppress this knowledge? The same church Father Jonathan is associated with. Lastly he hopes that Bill Maher will come by the Holy Land or the Vatican in preparation for his documentary titled, “The Absurdity of Religion”. I agree Mr. Maher should visit these places and talk with Father Jonathon. I mean, if he were doing a documentary on fish, he would have to go where the fish are. Since he’s doing a documentary on the absurdity of religion, he should go where the absurdity is.

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