More on Kitchen Madonnas

Several people asked where I got my Kitchen Madonna. My husband bought it for me for Christmas several years ago, and he likely found it at the local Catholic goods store.

Kasia pointed put that there are some on eBay. Just type Kitchen Madonna in the search box, and you’ll see some pretty ones.

Here‘s one at the Leaflet Missal that is similar to mine. They also sell this statue, which is quite nice.

I found some really beautiful alabaster statues on a marble base. They are so expensive, I won’t even bother with a link. This one, sold at EWTN, is pricey, too (not as expensive as the alabaster ones), but I think it’s gorgeous and somewhat reasonably priced. This would make a great gift, especially a group gift where everyone chips in $5 to get that special ministry leader a thank you present.

I found this cute clock for your kitschy kitchen. It’s only $3!

On the opposite extreme, if you are remodeling your kitchen and would like an interesting tile backsplash, this one is 30″ x 36″ and only $1,170. I’m sure by the time I ever get around to having a permanent home, I will have long forgotten about these hand-painted Portuguese tiles.

That’s all the time I have for browsing the internet. If anyone else provides a link in the com box, I’ll update this post. I know I’ve seen tons more in catalogs, including mine, I just don’t know where.

** Update: Elizabeth Marietti kindly sent the link to Discount Catholic Products which carries the exact Kitchen Madonna I have. They also have one in pewter and this pretty statue. Thanks, Elizabeth!

2 thoughts on “More on Kitchen Madonnas

  1. Wow – who knew there was such a variety?!The tile backsplash is pretty, but I’m trying to envision selling a house with that in it, especially with the housing market here in Michigan. Talk about narrowing your field of prospective buyers!

  2. That backsplash is gorgeous!

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