How could I have forgotten that?

In the pre-dawn hours as I lie in bed still mostly asleep but starting to float to consciousness, I often remember important things that I have forgotten to take care of and require attention. This morning, it was:

Baby mill…I haven’t seen the baby mill…I’ve unpacked everything, but haven’t seen the baby mill…I’ve got to find it…

Because a newborn (due in two months) doesn’t need a bassinet or itty bitty diapers or receiving blankets or onsies or pajamas…all still in several boxes in the basement marked “baby stuff”…nearly as much as a food mill I might use sometime after the baby turns six months old.

I’ll get right on that…

3 thoughts on “How could I have forgotten that?

  1. Maybe it’s in the boxes marked “baby stuff”? Think positive!

  2. Don’t worry. You’re perfectly normal. I remember when Little Brother was up-and-coming, and I was so worried about finding a certain sippy-cup thingie and the feeding spoons.

  3. Tee hee, so true!

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