That Blue Shirt

You know, the one that got my household goods delivered the next day. Now that I can get to the internet from my PC (where I have the capability to download photos), I had my husband take my picture wearing that blue shirt.

It’s nearing the end of it’s usefulness – one of those “buy your pre-pregnancy size” shirts that works fine for the middle trimester, but now that I’m approaching 28 weeks, is beginning to get full in the belly…and in the chest. In fact, I think it looked cuter 2 weeks ago when I dealt with the transportation people. But here I am in all my sensual hippopotomic glory.

7 thoughts on “That Blue Shirt

  1. I like it! I just love a pregnant belly.

  2. Toughen up, Doc is probably the only one having fun…and at least no one took a 30 mile hike around a lake without telling anyone.Love, Dad

  3. That rule is such bunk.However, that is a GREAT shirt, it is very flattering, you have a great belly in it, and it’s the perfect blue for you.

  4. I think you fill it out nicely! It was great while it lasted! At least you have super nice arms when you’re preggers, mine get really chunky and ugly and all those preggo shirts have cap sleeves, ugh.

  5. You look beautiful. On a different note, I think it’s funny how whenever moms do belly shots, they always have a toddler attached to their hip.

  6. I think you look very cute in that shirt, and I’m not usually impressed by that particular style of shirt. As a maternity shirt, though, it really works!Am I the only one who reeeeally wants to hear your dad’s story about the 30 mile hike?

  7. Ah, he’s exaggerating. I think it was only 26 miles.

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