Home, Sweet Chaotic Home

I don’t understand why people with wireless internet for their home don’t lock it to avoid other people from sapping their speed. I don’t understand it, but I am very grateful. Thank you, stranger, for making my web-surfing possible.

We got to Kansas without incident on Monday and picked out a house. I’m glad we didn’t wait much longer. Even though school doesn’t start for the soldiers for another month, most people seem to be getting here early, setting up house and taking vacation. There are only a few houses left in this neighborhood, and in another week or so, had we chosen to come that late, we probably would not have a choice. Not that there’s much choice, really. They’re all basically the same, with only personal improvements made by previous tenants. Some have nicer landscaping. Some have minor interior improvements. Ours has a room in the basement with linoleum flooring over the painted concrete and seven hooks hanging on the wall in the staircase going down. The seven hooks sealed the deal for the kids – we HAD to move in, it was MADE for us. For me, the room with the linoleum was a bonus. I think we’ll set up a school room down there.

Perhaps the best thing about the house is the location. Bill’s school is right here. The parking lots he would use if he had to drive are no closer than our front door. The grocery store on post (commissary) and gas station and, most importantly, the Class VI (where they sell the booze) are all very close. Our street is quiet, except for the sounds of children, especially boys engaged in light saber fights. Our back yard abuts a large communal property which is grassy and shaded and has a treehouse.

I’m certain we will be happy here.

While Bill signed the lease on the house, I called the transportation office with our new address to arrange delivery of our household goods. They told me next Monday, the 16th. I took that disappointing news with my usual stoicism, but resolved to go to the office in person the following morning to try to finagle something else (it was late afternoon, it was brutally hot, and I had 5 kids and a dog crammed in the van – now was not the time).

Another of the soldiers in the lease signing meeting happened to get the house right across the street from us. As we both got to our new homes around the same time, Bill overheard the neighbor bragging about how his wife went to transportation in person and managed to get a delivery of their stuff for the very next day. “You’ve got to go down there,” he told me. “I’m planning to,” I replied. “Wear that blue shirt,” he suggested. The blue shirt is a very fashionable one which happens to accentuate my, um, hormonally enhanced chest. I remarked that it may be a woman who helped me, but he felt that I looked cutely pregnant as well, and the shirt would “work” for any gender. So, yes, my husband blatantly suggested I flaunt my pregnant sex appeal in an effort to get our stuff delivered early.

As an aside, while at the zoo last week, we saw the hippos. They have a window where you can watch them swim. “They look so graceful,” Bill remarked. I think the husbands of pregnant women have a skewed idea of graceful and sexy.

But I did wear the blue shirt, and I did go down there first thing Tuesday morning, and I did get our delivery moved to the very next day.

And now, I am living with boxes as my main element of decoration. I slept in my own bed, although it didn’t help much with my lower back which I think I strained yesterday. I am getting old. The telephone and cable people come today, so I’ll have my own internet connection and won’t have to live off the generosity of others. And I really hope to get my kitchen unpacked so we can eat simple, but homecooked, food for the first time in a while.

But now I’m off to a place called The Daily Grind. I used the very last of my coffee to make a weak half-pot for Bill and I, and we need something a bit better to get through the day.

16 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Chaotic Home

  1. Well, welcome ‘home’.I have to admit that what keeps running through my brain is Laura Ingalls Wilder talking about Ma brewing coffee their first morning in Kansas in <>Little House on the Prairie<>. I guess Kansas brings out everyone’s need for coffee. 🙂

  2. Welcome to your new house. Glad things are going well. If the Daily Grind is anything like the one down the road from our house, you’ll love it!

  3. Congratulations on your safe arrival in your new home! Have some good coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy that wonderful basement space!

  4. Thanks be to God you arrived safely. Enjoy your coffee.

  5. We want to see that blouse! LOL Give us some fashion pointers here. Well ofcourse those good hormones are a great help! You slay me dead Michelle! But I’m glad to hear you all made. How long will you be in Kansas? One or two years or more?

  6. Welcome home! Our wireless connection WAS locked until our electrical trouble. For some reason, it isn’t working, and I just don’t have the ambition to fix it. Something for Davey to do on leave. 🙂 I can wait.

  7. Glad you made it safely to KS. Are you there for CGSC? We enjoyed that year very much, the post is great. Make sure you go to the post Christmas tree lighting and PAIR day.

  8. Glad to hear you’re safe at home. RELAX!

  9. Congratulations, Michelle! What relief. I too, think you should post a picture of your blue blouse! 🙂

  10. Glad you made it! Sounds like it will be good!

  11. Welcome home! Glad the trip went well. I am writing this courtesy of one of my mother’s neighbors who has an unlocked wireless internet. I too am eternally grateful. Do keep in touch!–Denise

  12. I’m so happy you’re settled. It sounds really nice. By the way, I’m glad you decided to work the shirt. Good call!

  13. Welcome home. May your family build many happy memories within its walls!

  14. hope all goes well..God bless

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