Happy Birthday, Baby!

Ah, but he’s not a baby any more. My littlest guy turns 2 today. I can’t post pictures, because my CPU is on a truck somewhere between Virginia and the Mississippi River. I can’t bake a cake, because all my baking supplies are in that truck too. I don’t even have a birthday present for him, but I do plan to head to the store this morning to get something car-friendly. This will be a pretty low-key celebration, but I’m sure he’ll feel special anyway.

Happy birthday, Petey. You make us laugh. You give the sweetest hugs and kisses. I love you with all my heart.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Happy birthday, Petey, you cutie-pie! Little Brother says you can come over to play with the blocks anytime!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, sweetheart!And Michelle, you’re tagged! 🙂

  3. Aw! Happy birthday, Petey!

  4. Happy Birthday Petey!

  5. Happy Birthday! Many Years!

  6. Happy birthday Petey! Is it really Petey or is that just a nick name for Peter, or Pete? I just realized you’re doing the pregnancy every two years thing. I was on that track for the first three…and my third is almost 2 now and I’m not about to give birth, not even pregnant…feels kind of weird. Best of luck with the PCS!

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