Yesterday morning, Bill plugged something into an outlet in our den – the room with the computer – and the room lost power. He tried the circuit breakers, but this wasn’t a simple overload. He called maintenance, and they sent some guys out within an hour or so. They diagnosed a loose wire, and set about trying to locate it. They found the offending connection at the circuit breaker box, but they also found, among the web of wires there, about six wires that were charred.

Yes, charred.

This house was built just over a year ago. Fire, especially an electrical fire, is one of those things I’m paranoid about. And after last fall’s experience when my smoke-filled house failed to detonate a single smoke detector, I’m very grateful that God loves us so much He’ll bend over backwards to protect us from what I consider certain death. One of us, and not likely me, is destined for something greater, and we’re all benefiting from the Divine protection offered to that one.

For some time, they left us with some power: A/C and hot water and some outlets. By early afternoon though, they had cut everything off. They started mentioning alternative sleeping arrangements. If not for the A/C, I would have gladly just stayed without power in our own home. It was a great debate in my mind – the comfort of my own bed vs. the comfort of climate control. When you are 22 weeks pregnant, this is a tough call.

Since it wasn’t yet too hot in the house, we stayed for a while doing our sorting and cleaning and other fun getting-ready-to-move things. Then we opted to head to the pool. The maintenance guys were returning as we were leaving. Thank goodness, they called us an hour or so later and told us it was all fixed. And so, after feeding the kids pool-side deep-fried chicken nuggets and fries, we returned to the well air conditioned fire trap with comfortable beds.

As I’ve said to Bill perhaps a hundred times in the last year: I’m so glad we don’t own this house. Our 55 year old fixer-upper in New Jersey is a much smaller headache than this place.

6 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. I slept with a fire extinguisher in our last military housing. Sometimes, David would call in the middle of the day because he’d had a bad thought that our house was on fire. It was scary. I’m glad we survived living there. And I’m glad you are almost moved out of yours!

  2. Thank goodness your guardian angels are diligent!

  3. That is what you get when the lowest bidder builds your house~imagine how our guys feel in their airplanes!

  4. Oh my goodness, yikes! Thanks be to God for your Guardian Angels – I suspect they work overtime in that house!

  5. and yet folks continue to insist we’re “so lucky” to live where we do. I have never worried as much as this living in any other house than a newly constructed privatised Pinnacle military home. So what was the cause?

  6. Okay, Michelle, I will now stop coveting your solid surface counter tops. We’ve been in the military for going on 26 years now. The only time we lived in base housing was at Edwards AFB when my husband was in test pilot school. That housing has since been razed. It is not just military housing that suffers. We lived off base in a tract housing development in California and the workmanship there left much to be desired. The best built house we have ever lived in was in Marquette, MI. It was built in 1942 and was phenomenally well built. Even those brutal UP winters could not produce a draft. I believe the house was eventually torn down to make room for the hospital expansion. Such a pity. They just don’t build them like they used to.

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