Silver lining

Bill got home last night from Alaska, and not a day too soon. The very first thing he did this morning was kill a spider in our bathroom – “a big ‘un,” he said. Eek! I had just been in there, but remained blissful unaware of its lurking presence.

If you’re a civilian and you’ve wondered about the term “Army Brat” and how it came into being, wonder no more. Bill and I figured it out about four years ago when he came home on a 4 day pass. The circus was in town. We took the kids. We bought popcorn. We bought souvenirs. It’s hard not to spoil kids when you know that they miss out on so much every other day of the week (or month or year).

Bill picked up a few things for them while he was in Alaska, too: stuffed animals appropriate for the state (a husky, a moose and a puffin), a small carved totem pole, a book on Balto, postcards.

But I won’t complain about the frivolity, since I’m the biggest benefactor. “I got you something,” he said as he pulled out a plastic bag and moved it under my nose. “I didn’t want it to stink up my luggage.” And “stink” it did: of spice and orange and cinnamon. He reached inside and pulled out another bag…and then another. It was like a matrioshka doll game as he literally peeled off a dozen wrappings with the smell getting stronger every time finally revealing a loose black tea flavored with cinnamon, clove, lemon and orange. He also bought a tea tin to store it in and a tea cup to drink it out of.

I’d rather he not go away for a week. But since he did, I’ll happily accept being spoiled.

4 thoughts on “Silver lining

  1. Amen! David’s over there shopping for the kids. I doubt he’ll send me any of the chocolate I’m all out of, but a girl can hope! (He’s got this warped notion that the rest of us should suffer a little discomfort while he’s gone…)

  2. You just remind him about mowing the lawn, Jennie. I would never want to trade places, but single parenthood <>is<> tough. And no Bronze Stars for wives, either.I have no admit to some jealousy when I see my friends house decked in beautiful rugs and hand-carved boxes and trunks that her husband got for cheap in Afghanistan. But then I remember that the silver lining is around a CLOUD, and I go home to my trophies from his 5 days in Alaska.

  3. Oooooh, that sounds like a lovely gift (although, a matrioshka doll would have been cool too šŸ˜‰ )

  4. John got me some stupid doll while in Korea last month. All the other wives got “Coach” purses and walets (I didn’t want one anyhow, but it was embarassing when they asked what I got to say I got a doll. I gave it to the girls. But at least it’s not as “Hagee?” as some of the crap he’s picked up from Iraq. The first time around, he did get a rug, but it’s a long runner that 1. I don’t like and 2. it’s too wide for any hall in our house. It looks good in the rafters of the garage šŸ™‚Now, Alaska sound really cool!

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