Wedding Present Bleg

I need to buy a wedding present for a Spanish speaking newly married couple. I was thinking of a plaque that said “God Bless This Home” or something like that – in Spanish, of course. They have actually been married for a while and have two school-aged daughters, but just recently married in the Church – sacramentally. I’m checking out the usual Catholic retailers, but I’m not finding a plethora of choices for Spanish speakers.

Also, I’m looking for Marian items for another woman, from icons to rosary boxes, where Mary doesn’t have milk-white skin. Our Lady of Guadalupe is fine, but seems to be the only choice other than Black Madonnas which tend to be very Orthodox looking.

Both intended gift-recipients are from Central America and the second woman speaks about 5 words of English. I’m out of my league here in shopping for ladies with a very different cultural background. We share our faith, and although they admire my European Madonnas with fair skin, I would prefer to gift them with something that respects their heritage.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Present Bleg

  1. Michelle, as a Hispanic, I would say that a Madonna with fair skin would not be inappropriate. Although you can’t go wrong with a picture or statue of the Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is a big favorite in all Latin America.You may also want to ask stores like Leaflet Missal or the Divine Mercy one in Stockbridge if they carry Catholic plaques in Spanish.

  2. My standard wedding gift nowadays is a large family bible. It’s lovely, it has lots of space for family information, most people don’t have one, and I’m sure they come in Spanish. 🙂

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