Tasty Tuesday

Since I’m moving halfway across the country in one month, I’m trying to use up things lingering in my freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Recently I’d been eyeing a second bag of frozen cranberries that I had gotten “just in case” for Thanksgiving dinner and never used. I found a recipe online, altered it a bit to avoid another trip to the grocery store, and made this yummy Cranberry Almond Bread. I’m eating the last of the first loaf right now for breakfast. The other loaf is in the freezer, and I’m debating whether to eat it all myself or share the love.

Angie is hosting the Tasty Tuesday recipe exchange blog party. She’s even offering a prize to a random winner if you participate! Stop on over and check out the other recipes.

One thought on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. Even though I’m not moving — I really should be working on going through my freezer too! Sometimes it amazes me how much we have in our freezer when we swear that we are all out of food.

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