Reading material meme

Lorri of The Mac and Cheese Chronicles wants to know what I’m reading. I won’t count any book I haven’t actually opened in more than two weeks which makes this list very short:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families: so far, very interesting. At the end of every chapter there are discussion questions for older family members, and family activities to include younger children. It is basically about forming a family vision about where you want to go (in life) and how you want to get there (together).

That’s it on books. I’m also trying to read the latest issues of The National Catholic Register, Faith and Family, and Heart and Mind magazine.

But mostly, I’ve been online flipping between Emmanuel Books, Mother of Divine Grace, Amazon (for reviews and superior descriptions – I’ll support Emmanuel Books, even though it’ll cost me more) and the IHM Conference pages. I plan to go to the conference on Friday, June 8th (anybody want to meet me there?) and want to have my book list ready.

5 thoughts on “Reading material meme

  1. How I can relate to the sentiment of “trying to read” National Catholic Register and Faith & Family and [insert other great titles here.] I have two magazines sitting <>untouched<> in my book bag; I know they’re there and they are mocking me.Late spring is just a crazy busy time in general. The insanity of Little League kicks in. (We have two on a team–how ’bout you?) Many loose ends are flailing–a test here, a report there–and who wants to be inside doing anything remotely bookish?? Feels like Monday around here…not that I’m complaining… 🙂

  2. Thank goodness both older boys are on the same Little League team. Also, thank goodness that the Tiger Scouts are only meeting every other week now.Only one more CCD class.Five last weeks of school, about 6 weeks until my husband’s last day of work (I hope!), and then the insanity of moving begins. Who has time to read? I am fried by 9 pm at night.

  3. We have 3 weeks until our packout, so I am counting down piano lessons, art classes, and riding lessons. I was planning on going to the IHM conf. but we will be traveling up to Maine earlier that week. Have fun shopping!

  4. Loved that “Seven Habits” book! Great pearls of wisdom in there and great ideas for family activites!

  5. I’m *trying* to read the 7 habits for Families book right now too….I’ve enjoyed it thus far, but can’t seem to get through it very fast. Its been mocking me from my side table for two months now.Tis the season for packouts….ours won’t be until the fall, but I’m trying to mix spring cleaning with a household purge so we aren’t packing extra junk we don’t need. And last but not least, I’m so very thankful we haven’t started down the Little league path just yet. Sparky is old enough this year but wanted to wait until next year to be with Catfish.

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