Take Your Child to Earth Day

When was Earth Day – last Sunday? Sorry, it’s not a high feast day around here. We take our responsibility as stewards of God’s gifts pretty seriously, but too many “Save the Earth” types are prejudiced against big families. I don’t get that – after all, per person, my family consumes less electricity, water and gas than a family of three or four: our house is much smaller than Al Gore’s.

Today is Take Your Child to Work Day, another ridiculous idea. Back in the days when Bill worked for a civilian firm, our kids were too young to attend any of the pomp surrounding this day. Now our kids are old enough, but he’s never had a job that left him free for the day to shuttle children around from one activity to another. Because Take Your Child to Work Day isn’t about taking your child to work at all. It’s about taking a day off work to spend it at your office doing activities unrelated to work at your employer’s expense. It’s really Have a Fun Day at the Office Day. And if I wanted the kids to spend the day doing fun stuff with their dad, it wouldn’t be at an office with someone else’s choreographed activities. We’d go to the beach or a park or a museum – definitely not the office.

My husband’s office is having events all day today, and they’ve chosen an Earth Day theme. What could be more fun (please note the dripping sarcasm) than combining two idiotic secular holidays into one big celebration? My husband assures me that he will be somewhat available to spend some amount of time with us as we move from activity to activity through dense crowds of kids all hyped up because they’re missing school for the day (and I include my own in that judgmental statement). Times like these are when I kick myself for not buying those kid leashes that seem so awful until you have more than two kids to keep track of in a crowd.

I’m sure the day will be lovely. I also plan on getting out of there right after lunch, even though they promise a puppet show at 1 pm. Petey will just not care about puppets by that time. Pray I don’t lose anybody!

8 thoughts on “Take Your Child to Earth Day

  1. They take things a little more reasonably at my husband’s workplace. It’s only for the older kids – ages 11 or 12 and up I think. They have to do some hanging out with Dad while he works, sometimes get to pitch in a little themselves on something with him and then participate in some engineering-type activities as a group (John works during this time) like building a catapult.

  2. Take your kids to work?? This is the first I’ve ever heard of this. If they could just make it every Wednesday, I could get some good housecleaning done.

  3. They do that in the Army? I had no idea. Every now and then, we show up and David takes the kids on a little tour, but no organized day or anything. He even once took Jonny to the motor pool on a weekend and let him get inside a real tank. Not the girls, though. Bad luck. In fact, I’ve been told it’s awful to have your tank chosen for the family day interactive display. Too many girl germs; cooties, I think, is the official term. I DID think the point of Take Your Child to Work Day was to show the children what the parent does at work all day. There’s no point otherwise, is there?

  4. Today is a Teacher’s Holiday (similar to those Hallmark Holidays) promoted by those who benefit most! How many children go into their father’s business these days? Sadly, very few. It would be lovely if children were truly learning a trade for future use. Alas, it is a play day.

  5. Well, “Take Your Child to Work Day” started out as “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” back when I was in high school. My mom did it. She did do some work, but easily half the day was spent introducing me around the office, showing me around the building, taking me to lunch, etc. Then folks got upset that there was nothing for sons. So now it’s for everyone.Having been through it, I lean towards Michelle’s opinion on the whole thing. I wouldn’t do it with my kids.

  6. They do it here, in Canada, too… usually, in Halifax, they do it on Friday morning, people bring their kids of any age, and in the afternoon, there is many activities organized, and it continues all weekend. Kids love it, and it seems that the parents who have the lazy day like it too! 🙂

  7. My two older ones spent a few hours in my husband’s office Wed afternoon. I think he spent the entire time saying, “Don’t touch that microscope, it costs more than the car. Don’t touch those slides, they might break.” Then I came back with the little ones and Maggie wet her pants on one of the chairs, leaving a spot. It’s likely the last time anyone goes to his office!

  8. Wow, who has time for that. What patients you have to go anyhow. I’d probably skip it out of protest of stupid holidays…But it did cause me to remember the time we had family day during a tank gunnery…They bussed the families out to watch them fire a few rounds, issued us ear plugs, we all hid under a tent they’d put up…hot, stinky, icky, a hazard to our ears…the things we’ll do to spend some time with the dada.

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