Belated birthday fun

It’s taken more than a decade for him to figure it out, but finally it seems that my husband understands it takes so very little to make me extra happy with him. A sweet email, an inexpensive bouquet of flowers, an occasional extravagant gift because I “deserve all that and more” and I smile for days (or weeks or more). In fact, the memory of last year’s birthday surprises still makes me all glowy.

This year, not only was my birthday on Holy Saturday but we were also at my parent’s house. Even though there were birthday greetings and cake and singing on Easter Sunday, it’s not the same. I was content, but Bill felt that a bit more hoopla was in order.

Now, normally, my husband is much like Cris‘ husband and is much more comfortable with power tools and lawnmowers than kitchen utensils and mixers. I can not ever imagine him having a conversation with any woman – not even his mother or his sister – about lotion preferences. Nonetheless, there is a softer side to Bill, and he will, on occasion, really impress me with his hidden talents.

And so I returned home after 10 pm last night and on the kitchen table was a wrapped birthday present, a small lily, and a homemade birthday cake which he decorated all by himself. I could not but be amazed at the lengths this guy will still go to make me happy.

Pete saw the cake on the stove this morning. I relocated it to the washing machine for its own safety but put it back on the stove later as I emptied and loaded the machine. The little devil is pretty quick with a chair and was digging in within minutes. The cake went back on the washing machine behind a closed door, but the second I opened it to rotate laundry, he flew to the chair and began hauling it over! Persistence is a family trait.

All morning long, I told myself to take a picture, but the camera was in the car. I eventually did get a picture, but only after Pete had had his way with it.

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