Musical Beds

Alas, the cabin in the woods does not have a wireless connection as I had thought. And my cell phone coverage is spotty outside and non-existent inside. I guess they think people want to “get away from it all” or something.


But the cabin is a generous size for the 6 of us (7 if you include the dog). There are two full bathrooms and four bedrooms, each with a double bed. Two bedrooms are on one side of the house, and the other two are separated from them by the living room, dining room and kitchen. I put the older boys in one room and the girls in the room next door. Pete had a double bed to himself, and I took the master bedroom near him. The dog crate was in the living room, and Greta seemed perfectly fine there.

Just in case a double bed was cramped for two squirmy kids, I had put a sleeping bag in each room as an alternative. Sure enough, about ten minutes after saying goodnight to everyone, Billy relocated to the floor.

Later that evening, I did some reading in bed before turning off the light. Two minutes after that, the dog came in from the living room to take her usual spot on the floor next to Bill’s side of the bed (even though Bill wasn’t there).

An hour later, Katie came in suffering with a hurt leg – cramps, maybe? She decided it was best to sleep on my floor and retrieved her pillow.

Another hour or so later, and Petey fell out of the bed. I brought him in to mine. I guess I slept restlessly with him for about another hour before I decided that his empty bed would be more comfortable and went there instead.

At this point, I lost track of time since the only clock in the place was in the master bedroom.

Jenny woke up, crying. I lay down with her for a bit. I couldn’t relax, mainly because I was afraid I wouldn’t hear Pete if he woke up. Jenny seemed asleep, so I went back to Pete’s room (my new room?). Nope, she wasn’t asleep. And she wasn’t interested in being alone in a strange bedroom either. Where’s Katie? she kept asking. I led her across the cabin and showed her Katie’s comatose body on the floor of my bedroom (Pete’s bedroom?). I took her into the other bedroom and had her sleep with me there. Every so often she would roll over and thump me on the back – I think she was checking to make sure I hadn’t gone anywhere.

And the final step in this crazy dance was when the dog left the master bedroom and came and lay down in her usual spot on the floor on Bill’s side of the bed (even though Bill wasn’t there).

I trust that tonight will be a bit better as it will be a slightly less strange place.

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