Proof I’m not crazy…

…at least not in this one instance.

Bill took Fritz shopping for a bigger glove and new cleats for baseball. He also came home with a new bat.

I saw this price sticker on the bat and dropped my jaw in shock that anybody, but most especially my own husband, would pay that much for an aluminum bat for an 8 year old. I was mad. But all I said was, “Did he really need another bat?” “His other bat is a T-ball bat,” he said.
Well, okay then. But $150 for a bat….??????? Even on sale? I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

Last night, I saw the receipt from the sporting goods store on my desk. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The total was well below what I expected. I don’t know what’s up with that price tag, but that SKU scanned at under $30, a reasonable price for a bat. I laughed and confessed to Bill that I had been mad at him for the past 24 hours for apparently no good reason.

I’m happy that he reassured me he would not pay that much for a bat, unless it came with a home run guarantee. And I’m happy to have found this sticker among the shopping debris that had not yet made it to the garbage can. I thought I must have been losing my mind.

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