I tried this bread recipe from Barbara at Praying for Grace. I was skeptical. Less than 5 minutes to get all the ingredients through the food processor. Rest the dough for 10 – 30 minutes. Roll it out, roll it up, let it rise and bake. Easy. It was yummy. I made a second loaf with one cup of whole wheat flour and two cups of white, and that is good too. Next time, I’ll try half and half wheat/white. Tastes great toasted and slathered with butter, but doesn’t everything?

And here’s the recipe I made last weekend for my friend Doug’s party: Kells Guinness Meatballs. They are similar to Swedish meatballs, but the cream sauce has Guinness beer in it. I do not like beer at all, but this sauce is really good – sweet. Double the recipe uses about one can of Guinness, which is sold in packs of four. Those other three cans will keep, if you don’t happen to have a close family member who will gladly finish them off.

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