Because everybody deserves the same treatment we give our wounded soldiers…

…be sure to vote for Hillary in the next elections.

Make no mistakes about it: the Walter Reed fiasco is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems with government sponsored health care. It is not the care that wounded soldiers get, it is the care that every single person in the military health care system gets. It is wounded soldiers, healthy soldiers, spouses, children and retirees. What is happening at Walter Reed is happening everywhere that the military, the former military and their dependents receive care.

And it could be your health care system, too. Just vote for her. Watch it happen. No, you won’t pay a dime for that office visit. Will that be any consolation when the care you receive is inadequate? How about when it takes a month to get an appointment? And guess what? If your child has an earache, you will be directed to the nearest emergency room, because their offices will be too booked to accommodate you. But you won’t mind spending 3 hours waiting for a doctor to see you and another hour waiting for your antibiotic at the pharmacy, because that ER visit and the prescription will be totally free.

Go here to read about Lorri’s nightmare, and then think long and hard about the real cost of a universal health care system. Is that really better than what we have now?

Do you want more examples? The ER doc who wasn’t sure if Petey’s arm was broken. My neighbor who had constant menstrual bleeding for six months and was repeatedly told that it was an “hormonal hiccup.” The doctor who told another neighbor that she could not possibly have strep throat despite the fact that all three of her kids had it – she had to demand a throat culture.

Tricare: when it is good, it is very very good; and when it is bad, it is horrid.

I know, two daily rants in one day. I’ll calm down soon.

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