Random comments

Last night at bedtime prayers, Pete sat with his hands nicely folded. He has no idea what all these words are that we say, so instead he just randomly said words that he did happen to know. “Hail Mary…” “JUICE!” “…full of grace…” “DADDY!”

With the change in seasons and clothes, Jenny now has a new wardrobe consisting primarily of things that Katie was wearing not too long ago. I love seeing these old favorites on another child. I only wish my boys hadn’t progressed to the point where the destruction of clothing didn’t seem to be their primary goal in life.

My kids like to go “back and forth” when eating their breakfast and lunch (this is not permitted at dinner). No non-food items are allowed at the table while they are eating, and so my children will go from one activity (like drawing a picture at the dining room table) to the kitchen table to get a bite of sandwich and then back. I really don’t prefer this behavior in my older children, and I keep telling them that it is hazardous to leave their food unattended. Sit and eat, or else. This is a very real threat. Between Pete and the dog, there is no guarantee that your meal will be waiting for you when you get hungry for another nibble. Jenny has just come in crying because Peter ate all of his pancake and then moved on to her (unattended) pancake as well. This seems to be one situation where natural consequences are not enough to convince them to change their evil ways.

My husband needs to go to the eye doctor. He’s having trouble reading and needs to put paper farther away from his face than normal to read the fine print. Yes, we’re getting old. I remember a time when I knew exactly how old I was at all times. If you ask a kid how old he is, you don’t expect him to have to think about it. Last night, though, I had to do the math to calculate what my age will be in two weeks when I have a birthday. Sadly, if you ask me in May how old I am, I’ll have to do the calculation again: 36. Despite the gray hair, I didn’t realize that 36 would feel so young!

We’re having a mini-Easter today. Yes, it’s early. Friend Stacy’s husband Doug got back from Afghanistan about two weeks ago, and they are having an open house welcome home party pretty much all day today. “How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them?” (Matthew 9:15). No, he’s not Christ. But it is fitting to celebrate his return. I’m making meatballs that taste like Swedish meatballs but the sauce is made with Guinness beer. And since Bill drank all the Guinness he bought in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, he will just have to go out and buy more. Twist his arm.

There is an offensive odor coming from Pete, and I want to get in a run before it rains. Two weeks until Easter!

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