blogging and bloglines

If you give up commenting on blogs for Lent, and then you just turn what you would have said into a blog post, does that break your commitment? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

This is mostly for Denise at Ordinary Grace who wants to know how often one should blog. I think it depends on what your motivation is for blogging.

If you are trying to appeal to an audience, to generate regular readers, to provide some sort of service (source for news, source for spiritual comfort, source for amusement), then I would suggest daily posts as a minimum. If you consider blogs like Open Book and The Cafeteria is Closed, they post multiple times per day. Danielle Bean and Eric Scheske generally post once a day.

If you are writing primarily for you, then you should write as often as you feel like it.

I write, primarily, for me and for my family. Sometimes I post every day, even more than once. Sometimes, generally on the weekends, I post not at all. I’m trying to capture bits of this crazy life with these kids. There are things I want to remember about them, and about me, and about daily life, and I’m just not a big scrapbooker or photo journalist, and a written diary with a little lock and secret thoughts just isn’t what I care to do. I want my kids to remember or to learn what life was like when they were little – so when they’re adults and they claim to have been perfectly well behaved children who never gave their mother any grief and why is such-and-such niece or nephew such an awful brat, I can laugh at their sketchy memory and remind them (and myself) just how normal the child really is. And I want to share these glimpses of personality with family and friends who don’t live nearby and who see the kids infrequently.

Plus blogging cuts down on the amount of time I would otherwise spend talking to myself.

Denise also asks about tracking feeds. Someone else already clued her in to bloglines, which I began to use this Lent and absolutely love. I have it set to check for updates every six hours, so if I pop over to my computer to send an email or check the weather forecast, I’m not always tempted to click the link which screams “new updates!!” I really wish I had subscribed sooner.

The only downside to bloglines is that you don’t necessarily go to that person’s blog. Most blogs offer full feeds, so you can read the latest entry in it’s entirety from the bloglines page. There is a bit missing when you don’t experience first-hand the fonts, colors and layout that enhance a post or add depth to personality.

And if someone should happen to make a minor change to their sidebar, you might never notice it. Of course, even those reading a blog at it’s source might not notice such a change either…

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