Recent photos

If you get a camera out around here, everybody wants to get in front of it, even the dog.

Katie has that “Queen Esther from Veggie Tales” thing going on with her hair. She likes it like that. Boy, do I have flashbacks to being an adolescent and having my mom tell me to get my hair out of my face. So, just another decade or so of pictures like this…

This is the photo I wanted most of all. This is Jenny’s favorite dress. She was on a dress-wearing marathon and made it at least FIVE days with this same outfit. And then walked around half naked the next day waiting for me to cycle it through the laundry. I suppose that’s better than where we were a month ago when she would go through six outfits a day. This dress is cute, but it’s really too small for her. It looks fine with the black tights, but usually she prefers pink or purple socks (yes, with red plaid), and the skirt barely covers her bum. I was struck by how much she looks like me in this photo. I usually have a hard time seeing it.

And this one…what will be more embarrassing to him in ten years: the strutting around completely naked, or the wearing of his sister’s pink shoes? I assure you, he was quite unabashed in his traipsing around the house as only a child can be. And the only shoes he prefers to the pink ones are the shiny black tap shoes, which he loves to wear, while naked, while dancing on the kitchen floor.

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