Katie: Mommy, can you get the blue Lego bucket down for me, please?

Fritz: Those are MINE! You can’t play with them!

I overrode him, assisted Billy with a math problem for thirty seconds and turned to go upstairs to get the blue Lego bucket. By now, Katie is hysterically crying.

Me (more than a wee bit exasperated): What, Katie?

Katie: Jenny took my (plastic Playmobile) unicorns and washed them in the sink!

Me: Yes, I know (and there was peace and quiet throughout the house). What’s the problem?

Katie: They’re MINE! She can’t play with them!

Right. Because we don’t share toys around here. Saves me going up the stairs for those Legos………..oh, what’s that? We do share toys?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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