Battle of the Sexes

After watching Adam’s Rib Saturday night, Bill commented:

“I always thought I’d like to marry someone like Lauren Bacall. Little did I know I would marry a Katharine Hepburn.”

Ouch. Sadly, Hepburn’s character’s behavior made me wince through the whole flick precisely because I recognized the same obnoxious tendencies in me. From her oblivion to the overt passes made at her by her neighbor and her equal oblivion (disregard) to how much these passes irritated her husband to her competitive nature that compromises marital harmony, there’s not much to like about Amanda Bonner, defense lawyer.

We hope to watch Desk Set later this week. Every movie I’ve seen with Hepburn has her playing an independent, liberal (for the 40s), strong-minded woman. Unfortunately these qualities come across as harsh, self-serving, and irritating. Also unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the movie makers are unjustly portraying her this way: her bad decisions are in character, she shows remorse for hurting someone’s feelings, but not remorse for doing what she’s doing. In other words, she is sadly real.

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