Room with a View

Nutmeg tagged me to show off what I see when I blog. Here you go:

That’s Pete having a temper tantrum. And that’s frequently what I see when I sit down to the computer or have the audacity to want to take a few pictures.

This window is just to the left of my desk. I can blog while watching the kids play in our muddy backyard. I can look out and see birds munching on seeds in the feeder Fritz made and I nailed to the top of the fence. I can look over and see two dummy rounds for a tank. Yes, those are really big, but pretend, bullets for a tank. They’re for practice. The real ones cost a lot of money, so they give army guys fake ones that look and weigh just like the real ones, so they can practice throwing them into the gun. And I’ve got two of them in my den. Aren’t I lucky?
(Oh, do you notice the uneven curtain? That’s artistry. {ahem} It’s one of those scarf curtains that I could never get even and I had to tie up because the kids kept pulling on it. And so it stays.)

Last Sunday, Bill was at the Daytona 500. He had a seat in the pit. He got a lug nut as a souvenir – ooooh! He could have gotten a whole tire! He wisely declined. Here is another trophy he brought home years ago:

This is the spent casing from a real bullet that went through the gun of a real tank. His plan had been to polish it up and turn it into an umbrella stand. We are not umbrella people. Bill thinks it is unmanly to carry an umbrella (unless you are carrying it for someone else like your wife…then it’s chivalrous), and I prefer a hat myself since I generally have my arms full of kids. And if we did go out and buy an umbrella, it would likely be the collapsible kind that wouldn’t fit in this case. Maybe in 30 years, we can use it for our canes, but for now, it holds my broom. Had he brought home a tire from a NASCAR race, I would have planted flowers in it.

And here is my desk:

This secretary belonged to my husband’s grandfather. That spot in the middle is my inbin that I happened to clean up last week. It has a limited height capacity, which indicates to me when it is time to move my piles. This desk is my #1 Hot Spot (for you Flybabies). If my desk is clean, the rest of my house is usually pretty good too. Or I may have a clean home, but my computer is buried. The desk is my Final Dumping Ground. Even the kids dump stuff there, and that simply must stop.

Typical: the page-a-day calendar to the left is on January 19th. I feel a month behind too.

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